I salute you,

Constantin Costa Benedic

With over 24 years of sailing on board various types of vessels: luxury cruise ships, expedition cruise ships, private mega yachts & oil tanks and over 10 years in recreational - technical and commercial diving - I can provide the information you need to explore of your own the underwater World and beyond.

Some of my favorite dive locations: Truk Lagoon & Bikini Atoll - Micronesia, Silfra - Iceland, Blue Hole Egypt, Seychelles, Raja Ampat - Indonesia, PNG, Isl Rangiroa - French Polynesia, Pitcairn Isl (etc) and of course the Black Sea!

  I was part as Staff - Divemaster of Zegrahm Expeditions (Seattle, USA):

- January 14 to 27, 2012 - "Ultimate Seychelles with Aldabra Atoll"

  - March 11-26, 2013 "Best of Indonesia II"; expedition cruise on board vessel "Clipper Odyssey".

Interested in underwater photo - videography, wrecks and their history, rebreathers (CCR) and very deep diving.

My motto:

And welcome on my website where I am ready to share with you from my experience and passion for the sea and diving.

Whether recreational or technical diving, or you want to improve your diving techniques or to dive safely beyond the limits of -40m or why not, prepare yourself for visiting Dahab's Arc or some deep wrecks ... you are in the right place.

- PADI IDC Staff Instructor #976872

21 PADI Specialties Instructor:

        - Technical Rescue Diver,

        - OceanReef Integrated Diving Mask & UW Communications,

        - Self Reliant Diver,

        - Enriched Air (Nitrox) Diver,

        - Deep Diver,

        - Dry Suit Diver,

        - Oxygen Provider,

        - UW Navigator Diver,

        - UW Digital Photographer Diver,

        - UW Vieographer Diver,

        - Equipment Maintenance,

        - Boat Diver,

        - Drift Diver,

        - Wreck Diver,

        - Search & Recovery Diver,

        - Ice Diver

        - Sidemounting, Diver

        - Peak Performance Buoyancy

        - Night Diver

        - AWARE Shark Conservation Diver

        - ScubaFit diver

- ANDI Tri-Mix Instructor L5 & Technical Trimix Wreck Instructor L3 #8347

- ANDI Tri-Mix Diver L5 & Exploration Trimix Wreck Diver L5

- ANDI JJ-CCR L2 diver

- ANDI Gas Blender

- ANDI Service Technician

- Emergency First Response Instructor #976872

(CPR, First Aid, Automatic External Defibrilator, O2 Provider)

- Disabled Divers International Instructor #10-0440

- DAN (Divers Alert Network Europe) Instructor #187305

      - Basic Life Support & First Aid

      - Oxygen First Aid for Scuba Injuries

      - First Aid for Hazardous Marine Life Injuries

Freediver FEDAS**

- Emergency Response Diver - license Emergency Response Diving International (2011, Key Largo, FL/USA) with specialties:

Tender Technician,  Diver I Technician & Diver II, Dry Suit, Full Face Mask, U/W Crime Scene Investigator,

Contaminated Water Diving Operations, Testifying in Court

TBI Trimix Master class: -145m

- Commercial shallow water diver - spanish license (2005, Barcelona/Spain).

Approved HSE UK approved inland/inshore diving, EDTC.

The diving courses are held in romanian, english or spanish language in VIP regime (instructor - student), with maximum flexibility in schedule but with strict following of the agency standards. Will push your limits beyond your imagination but will keep the fun on our list!

For your own protection during the trips in Romania, I am authorized by the MAI General Inspectorate of Romanian Police to carry a non lethal weapon. I am also certified as Anti Terrorism Officer by S2 Safet & Security (FL, USA).

Training stages in Spania (Barcelona, Lanzarote, Ibiza, Murcia etc), Malta, Egypt (Dahab), Iceland, Cyprus, Greece or other locations around the World.

Technical diving courses & deep diving courses requires a complex planning. Please contact me in advance for additional information and tailored schedule.

De asemenea, sunt certificat ca:

- DSAT Tec Deep Instructor #976872


For your safety & comfort in SCUBA diving (Recreational & Technical, OC & CCR), here I am with my enthusiasm and training so... let's go exploring diving!

PADI Romania
DAN Training
DDI Romania
-145m dive
Dsat Tec
Commercial diving

1st in Romania

Romanian national TecRec Open Circuit record.

Discipline, Travaile, Succes

ANDI Instructor Trainer #170

DDI Romania

Consultant  International Diving Safety Standards Commison

Technical Diving Open Circuit


Shipwrecks and Submerged Worlds:

Maritime Archaeology


The international academic experience gained in Spain, USA, Germany, Greece, Egypt gives me solid support (but continually improving!) which I can deliver with trust  confidence to the future sport and technicical divers!