In 2004 in Barcelona with  C.R.I.S. (Centre de Rescate y Investigaciones Subaquaticas) have completed the shallow diver course (Buceador de Pequenia Profundidad) - spanish license (HSE UK approved inland/inshore diving, European Diving Technology Committee).

The equipment used can be autonomous or semi-autonomous with a  maximum working depth of -30m in ship's repair (anodes, propeller stern and bow, stabilizers, seachest, keel etc) or in harbor/marina inspection, underwater recovery heavy objects (anchors, motors) etc.

Commercial Diver

Public Safety Diver

In January 2011 in Key Largo, Florida, USA, together with Horizon Divers and Key Largo Fire & Rescue Department, I followed a Public Safety Diver course - licensed Emergency Response International - organzation certifying Police divers, Search & Rescue teams & Firefighters from both the USA and Europe as well. Courses are consistent with the requirements of OSHA & NFPA, United States.

Specializations followed in the course of Public Safety Diver are:

    Tender Technician,

    Diver I Technician & Diver II,

    Dry Suit,

    Full Face Mask

    U/W Crime Scene Investigator.

    Contaminated Water Diving Operations

    Testifying in Court

Services are in accordance with the standards and procedures in place and can used by authorities forensics research.


Pictures during the course  - 2004 - Puerto Olimpico (Barcelona, Spain)

Buceador de Pequenia Profundidad (SCUBA & Surface Supplied up to -30m)

HSE UK approved inland/inshore diving, EDTC.

All inspections and underwater works come with an experience of more than 22 years on board of various types of ships (oil tankers, cruise ships, mega-yachts etc).

Public Safety Diving

Pictures during the ERDI training - January 2011 - with Fire & Rescue Departemnt - Key Largo, FL USA